Race to stardom

Race to stardom His professional career began in New York theater for ‘Shakespeare in the park’, in Joseph Papp, which was quickly followed by numerous productions, including “Ceremonies in Dark Old Men ‘,’ Came home to roost ‘,’ Othello ‘or’ Man and Superman ‘. His versatility as an actor gave him work in television productions soon as the TV movie “Flesh and Blood ‘(1970), Wilma (1977),’ Carbon Copy ‘(1981) or the series’ St. Elsewhere ‘(1982), which achieved fame for his performance during six seasons of Dr. Chandler, the protagonist of the serial. The time to jump to the big screen had come. The first milestone review of his film career is his work in Cry Freedom (1987), directed by Sir Richard Attenborough, which was nominated for an Oscar for best supporting actor. He continued with roles as major institution in Times of Glory (1989), which came to be among the nominees, but this time took the coveted prize.Washington played one of their roles more critically acclaimed film Malcolm X in 1992, directed by Spike Lee, where his interpretation of the black nationalist leader earned him an Oscar nomination. Both the influential film critic Roger Ebert and the highly acclaimed film director Martin Scorsese called the movie one of the ten best films of the 90s. Malcolm X became the career of Denzel Washington, making him, almost overnight, one of the most respected actors in Hollywood. He turned down several similar roles, including the ability to portray Martin Luther King, because he was trying to avoid being typecast in such roles. Denzel Washington was further improved their performance with the difficult role of the lawyer Joe Miller of Philadelphia (1993), opposite Tom Hanks, but this time the Academy was not even nominated. Tom Hanks, however, said it was the actor most had learned.The Hollywood scene and was considered at the summit in 1994, and this is reflected in films such as The Pelican Brief, Crimson Tide, The Preacher’s Wife, Fallen and The Bone Collector, which were blockbusters and consolidated their position and allowed to choose her roles carefully. An example of this mime is his work on Hurricane Carter (1999), in which he plays a boxer wrongly accused of a triple murder of which he remained in prison twenty years. This paper won the Golden Globe and a Silver Bear at the Berlinale, but the Oscar nomination did not result in a second statuette. The Oscar finally came in 2001 with his portrayal of a corrupt cop in Training Day, first antagonistic role played by Washington.Denzel Washington has a style that blends the goodness and passion, this mix gives innate to the complicated character who plays a very believable sound that passion to the public, perhaps one of the most representative interpretations of his style is in the dramatic film John Q by Nick Cassavetes, with Robert Duvall and Anne Heche. Washington made his directorial debut with Antwone Fisher in 2002, a film co-starred with Derek Luke, in which he plays a Navy psychiatrist who helps a young sailor with a traumatic past. He has also participated in major films such as on Fire, The Manchurian Candidate (2004) and Plan oculto (2006), Spike Lee’s latest film. His last major success was American Gangster, the film shot under the direction of Ridley Scott and accompanied the division of Russell Crowe in which he plays Frank Lucas, a heroin dealer in Harlem in the ’60s.Besides his accomplishments on screen, Denzel Washington has recently taken a very different type of paper, and who served as executive producer of two biographical documentaries: ‘Half Past Autumn: The Gordon Parks Story’, which has been nominated for two Emmy awards Special in the categories of Fiction and Non-Director of Photography Non-Fiction Program. His account of the legend of “John Henry” was nominated for a Grammy in 1996 in the category of Best Spoken Word Album for Children and was awarded the NAACP award for his performance in the animated children’s special “Happily Ever After: Rumpelstiltskin ‘ . In Spain, Pere Molina is responsible for bending his voice to the Castilian.