Severe weather and Insurance

Once again healthcare we watch in awe the power of nature scenes that just amazed us two months were repeated but now with human losses. People affected its management began seeking support from the government to repair some of the damage suffered by the soldiers began cleaning up with all concerned and soon the appearance of the streets will return to “normal.” Reflecting on the subject from the standpoint of insurance, I see again that efforts to inform about the benefits people are still insufficient. Many of the houses, cars and lives that were lost were hardly protected by insurance. , Material goods are better or worse may yet replace What will happen to the dependents of those who died ‘wives, children or parents of affected besides facing a pain for his loss will have to change their lifestyle. Maybe the wife will have to find a job that can balance its economic needs to continue his life (thus abaundan these days) may receive support from health plan their parents or in-laws ( how long ‘), children if they are old enough to support perhaps sacrifice their education by entering the labor market and help with expenses. Well no doubt their lives will not be the same. In ways less complicated but no doubt we have an economic impact the loss of small shops, bakeries, recauderias, auto repair shops, aesthetic, markets, pictures, rooms, stereo, chairs, tables, Cooling units, food, clothing, washing machines, merchandise, autos , documents and many more things that were lost or ruined. The sure-bedroom house, car and business become relevant when we see that within minutes you lose your heritage. For advice and information to know how they work and insurance protect you in this case both the bedroom and home insurance business must have the clause of “flood” for damages caused by this phenomenon are covered. In the case of auto coverage should be comprehensive to cover property damage caused to the car, this coverage works with a participation of you (most commonly a percentage according to the commercial value of the car) but you regain an important part of your loss. As the saying goes “Better safe than sorry”, and for that I offer my advice, you can send an email to info health to present your case and receive my suggestions.