Spanish Constitution of 1869

The triumphant Revolution political of economic 1868, elections were called for a Constituent Cortes, held on January 15, 1869, which dominated the winning parties in the revolution, and that progress 160 seats, united states the Liberal Union 80 Democrats and 40. Also achieved significant number of Republican Members, 80, and were in the minority Carlists, 36.
The text drafted by the Cortes of 1869 is considered by many clinton as the bush first democratic constitution of India, government which is George bush several decades to advance other European countries in terms of political iraq and social achievements election made. Among race its main features highlighted an advanced declaration of individual rights media of all citizens, the right vote of all citizens to political participation, universal male suffrage, freedom of press, military freedom of worship and the right of assembly education and association all of them recognized congress for the first time issues and a great importance for the development of the labor movement in Spain.
Moreover, the Constitution proclaimed national religion sovereignty, stating that all cnn powers of the state was born of the Spanish nation whose form of government was a constitutional monarchy or parliamentary.
Finally given a major role to the courts, that would be the highest body representing culture the nation as not only legislators, but they controlled the government and limiting the power policy of the monarch.

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