The Clan Leaders,

The clan leaders, the profiteers and gangsters gradually replaced politicians, banks and police. This incredible and fascinating true story, meticulously documented, is a journey into this world, and professional business empire of the Camorra, journey that begins and ends under the life cycle of goods and consumer-use video games, watches, clothes brand, which arrive at the port of Naples-point of entry into Europe of Chinese trade that escapes the vast majority to Customs, becoming part of a vast network of clandestine workshops that reach global dimensions, and support entrepreneurial activity of the mafia. This is now the Camorra, or the “System” is known as “truly the one hand a business organization with dramatic ramifications across the globe, and the other a dark, ever-expanding, where it costs distinguish how much wealth is the result of simple financial transactions and how murderous activities. Roberto Saviano Gomorra has achieved immediate success with readers and an urgent call attention to the plight of his hometown, where unemployment hovers around 20 -in some districts reaches 50 – and crime is the aspiration of most young people, who yearn to enter the “System”, a dense web of professional activities that adorns the dreams of the nearly 9,000 children leaving the school system each year ( Download: Gomorra