The proposed Joanot

I’ve noticed the comment of WNI, which is what he wants Joanot to stop doing the Castilianized of (mainly) catal anizaci n Catalan names and Spanish names. Justamentes That’s what I do NOT agree, as I agree on is that each language as you write the words, if the Portuguese want to call San Luis Sao Luiz to agree, is its language, if the English want to call Brother of the Paran River Sea I agree, but I am against it in a language you want to use a word from another and have it write and speak as in that other language. In Spanish only used ‘on vowels, u on the on the n, also translate links (ex: i by, and do by of) and coupling with abbreviations and’ are not very recommended. Ernesto J. Meza – did you discuss 21:29 June 29, 2005 (EST) siii, Ejmeza, SIII, tiooo. I’m with you! Finally someone with character, neng.How nice that NO … well, what grandeee! We must stop them at the Poles who want Catalanised the wikipedia! We must put a stop to it … Or we put these radicals firm or independence will end this wikipedia, with Spain, with the unity of the Spanish, the language of the mother country, with Latin America and with all that is put them ahead. We must end now with all this. SIII! Ayyy, que pena !!!… all this happened thirty years ago, ehhhh. The very nationalistic (because only they are nationalists, ehhh, noooo the world) want everything to be translated into Castilian (perd n. .. al SPANISH, damn!) Minus Catalan.Well, no! Because we begin by accepting as mayonnaise or palindrome words and you end up contaminated with foreigners (SIII, EXTRANJEROOO foreign …) our pure, one, large, free and ancient language, origin of all dialects! Come on, that we saved a few as language, civilization and whales! Only we get to translate (but! Neng!) All those words that we pollute Catalan: Rio de Janeiro, S o Paulo, Rio Grande do Sul, Esp rito Santo, Mato Grosso do Sul, Minas Gerais, NASA, F rst, Bild-Zeitung, Fachhochschule Furtwangen, Auferstanden aus Ruinen, Land, Wannsee, Bundesrat, International University Bremen, De Stijl, Coffee Shops, Stadtholder, KGB, Shche ne vmerla Ukraina, Benchmark, … Anyway, what you think of few words Catalan There are thousands more like these contaminating our wiki …Disgusting, eh From a few like you and me (I already know about … you know how many here among us and recognize us, hehe …) translate them all to SPANISH, and the Poles who come to your wiki catalana. Does not mean “Government”, “Camp Nou” or “Sant Cugat Well to be! become independent and leave us alone as we build our wiki pleases … pussy (sorry for the pussy, but, you know, it’s our very language of our noble … and for these cases is well, uh … hehe). That’s what the free is “free”, no “Free” to do whatever we want, neng! Passso of scientific, institutional arrangements, names, official names … passssando all, neng !!!!… wow, that euphoria has entered Ernesto me! Anyway, one thing … expect me to calm a bit, baby … Maybe (maybe or maybe, neng ) Before they started to translate, if anything’s make sure that all those words that I have and do not understand is Catalan, uh …Lest any be and not give grounds for some Polish those caught us and think that instead of preventing not only allow the Catalan translation of words, we seek to discover the opposite: allowing non-translation all kinds of words from other languages, other than Catalan … neng. – Sergile 23:15 June 29, 2005 (EST) You can tell that you’re talking about: Sant Cugat del Valles (Barcelona), Hospital de Sant Pau, Son Sant Joan Airport, Arenys de Munt (Barcelona), Vilanova i la Geltr (Barcelona) … The examples are many, if you seek you hundreds more, and nobody proposes to remove them because none of them there is often translated into Castilian, is more, so we know and so we use them. There are others I’ve read somewhere that I’ve known Castilianized if, for example Alcira, so as I find it odd Valencia, if I had seen before would have seemed like a misspelling.See if we can be a problem that suddenly we put to use names other than those normally used. During the Prestige disaster did nothing but repeat in all the news that if Fisterra which, if Fisterra such. To me it was an unknown people. After a few months, because I do not remember why I included “terra” with “land” and “fis” I figured it was “end”. Then I realized that the unknown Epocrates, was less so, was Finisterre and I ran to Google to confirm this,! That was.