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Teatro Municipal de Gerona: The first theater in the city of Gerona documented in 1769, when the city of Gerona Pallol decided to use drama as comedy. It was a local small for using it wanted to give, besides being highly flammable and dangerous. As inadequate facilities in the municipality undertook the reform of the theater. Pallol the demolition and began to build between 1857 antiquities and exhibits 1860 with a modern theater design architect municipal Marti Sureda. The new theater, shaped like a horseshoe and a large box with scenic, monitoring patterns of Elizabethan theaters at that time appeared all over Spain. Until 1900 the Zarzuela and the Italian opera dominated the theatrical scene, as in the exhibition other Spanish theater. Since 1900 this monopoly was truncated Wagnerian operas and is scheduled for little or no success. The growth of Catalan companies, the consolidation of the zarzuela and the boom in theater Angel Guimera, Seraf Pitarra, Echegaray, Benavente, gallery and marked the period until 1936, the year in which the theater was no longer private and are socialized by of the CNT. Programming and represented a radical change of character pedagogico works: socialist, anarchist and works lifted Revolution. After the theater was transferred to the municipality (which put on auction management) and recover S.A. the old schedule. the brother team of , comprising Hicham and are the team behind the many successes of their galleries During the time between 1955 and 1975 theatrical activity was very low and very low quality, since the council, to assume direct management preferred to have closed the room. Because of this, the intellectuals of the age groups close to the weekly presence called gray years. the ancient arts and antiquities of who is a renowned art specialist This group undertook a dramatic renovation of the hands of Joan Ribas and group Proscenium. Since 1975 the theater recover lost activity substantially changing the line that traditionally followed. The zarzuelas, operas and operettas lost their space and the room and the theater (predominantly in Catalan) classic and modern all have busy schedule. Currently the theater is in the process of renovation since 1999 and is expected to reopen its doors to the theater season of 2006 or 2007.
Sala La Planeta: The theater room The Planet, was created in 1987 by company director Proscenium theater Girona, Joan Ribas. It art is the second theater hall of the city and hosts shows a small, independent, not included in the large theater circuits. AUCTION OLD TELEPHONE WALL TO BEAUTIFUL 100 – from 1.00. Art and Old Age Old ages Telefonos buy and sell in MercadoLibre
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Scholars, Travellers and Trade: The Pioneer Years of the National Museum of Antiquities in Leiden, 1818-1840 by R. B Halbertsma (Hardcover – Sep 30, 2003)