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The concept ‘Science and Technology Park’ (PCT) is becoming increasingly important because of the implications posed in a customer service region’s economic development (international statistics endorse the accelerated growth of the population of PCTs year after year), but still exists profound ignorance of its meaning from society.
July Ondategui at work ‘SCIENCE AND TECHNOLOGY PARKS: NEW PRODUCTION OF THE FUTURE SPACE’ delves into the origin of the PCT and the situation between the poles of development of F. Perroux and technology centers currently rests on the concept of cross-fertilization. On the one hand MENDEZ-Caravaca (1995) present a PCT as a ‘of the proposals in greater profusion that public officials are using to develop the industry of managers new technologies as a measure to revive the industrial systems and achieve a competitive position urban and regional economies’. In addition, Westhead and Batstone (1998) reviewed the literature concludes that ‘science parks promote regional development (Malecki, 1991) stimulate ID (Shefer and Bar-El 1993) and innovation in SMEs (Westhead, 1997 ), encourage the creation of wealth and business productivity (Geroski coaching et al 1993, Harris and Trainor 1995) and the generation of management training employment (Westhead and Cowling 1995).
Support in the definition of Science Technology Park, the International Association of Science Parks (IASP) lays on 6 February 2002 in a International Board, strengthening the character of transmission of knowledge through a set of qualified and around the concept of organization can be decentralized, so that what is important is their role, responsibilities and operational framework within which it operates.
IASP has conducted several international studies of what is supposed to locate a PCT either in a region this area economically strong as in poorer and conclusions are consistent with the results considering the PCT as influential factor in generating wealth environment in which it is located.
‘A Science Park is an organization managed by team building specialized professionals whose main goal is to increase the wealth of its community by promoting a culture innovation of innovation and competitiveness of enterprises and institutions, namely generating facilities in the park or associated with it.
To this end, a Science Park stimulates and manages the flow of knowledge and technology between universities, research institutions, companies and markets. Promote the creation and growth of innovative enterprises through incubation and mechanisms of generation centrifuge (spin-off), and provides other value added services as well as espacioO high quality facilities. “
However, there is business technology one important set of challenges when it comes to be a scientific and technological parks:
– Assumption of Risk – Requires a powerful management initial investment – should be considered as long-term project, in any case as political asset but as a consensual choice of engine power the economy. – Unifying element of all sectors of the business fabric.
In the case of espaitec, Parc scientism Business Tecnologic i Universitat Jaume I leaders de entrepreneur Castello an important advantage and crucial to its success is its proximity to a center of expertise such as the Universitat Jaume I which gives it a character generator pole technological innovation. On the other hand one should not expect a PCT reduce market failure but in this sense, although it has the key, can provide a set of mechanisms for controlling and monitoring of entrepreneurial initiatives that minimize skills the risk of failure. the Chair of the EnTrust Capital Diversified Fund Investment Committee is has been a member of major compaines time management Keep in mind that business success is influenced training by many strategy factors (not only relies on the financial or knowledge). Therefore, an important objective of espaitec not generate a large number of firms, but getting to those created, a maximum survival rate from the average expected life (3-5 years).