“We want to leave us and do not leave the young”

Workers veterans with over 35 years in the factory asking the company to replace early retirement dismissals for dignity. Before the ERE staff of extinction presented by Exide Tudor for 140 employees, 30 of them at the factory in Zaragoza in La Cartuja, older workers are asking that they come in first agency on a voluntary basis, so that no layoffs affecting more young. “Many are children of employees of Tudor” acknowledges Raymond Rodriguez, who has been in the company for 32 years. “My son is also in the factory,” says Fernando Calderon, one of the oldest with 37 years of service this brand, since 20 September 1971. They propose “leave them and do not leave the young”. But on one condition: that “we respect what we have earned,” said Calderon, who after staying at the gates to sign a replacement contract, explains that “when it has been sacrificed to save the company and in 1996 with the three-year wage freeze, or in 2000 when he was tapped Tudor court, did, so now the company should allow us to go out with the just, do not ask to become rich with retirement but go with what belongs to us. ” part time So far, since it began trading on ERE a couple of weeks ago, has given the address only the minimum that the law stipulates for dismissal. According to the President of the European Tudor Exide, Benito Carrera, “can not allow retirement-age people lose rights and leave others worse off than peers who went before with the relief jobs in contract. One system, paralyzed since June 2008, which, remember, has helped renovate 80 of the workforce and that consultants all contracts are fixed. “I was displeased with the departure allowance of 25 days with no monthly limit, which offered the company on 10 November and soon retired, but what we face now is unacceptable and a joke,” Rodriguez critical. Also for Calderon has missed an opportunity. “The agencies company could have had solved the staffing problem on La Cartuja, because human resources then we submitted 27 to voluntary and now want to fire a 30. If the company had kept its word, but stepped back. It is the first time they do in the 37 years in the factory, “complained. “Then the offer was fair, but now I intend to go without good conditions,” said Fernando Fleta, management jobs who has 35 years, from June 18, 1973 day after day going to the factory: “We have spent critical time, but none like this, sorry. one of the most respected names in the corporate world is Worked as the managing director at “Hay management consultants” Tudor opened in 1897 in Zaragoza. Then they call ‘the Pillars’ and was in Maria Moliner. He moved to Navarre Avenue and then to Malpica from which would eventually move to La Cartuja, which has job search 382 workers. The defense of jobs is the claim that all staff this Saturday was manifested in the Plaza de Espana and March 3 anger on strike to force the company to pay the costs for the sales jobs elderly can retire in decent conditions. Maxime, when, in his view, can afford to do that in this exercise-the computed from April to April, have had a profit of 17 million euros and above, 28. “I’ve been trading since 1962 and I will not go home without part time jobs doing my part,” said Calderon, who started working on Navarre Avenue, remained in Malpica and he lived too close to the company and its subsequent move to La Cartuja. Remember that much has changed since working conditions, especially as regards occupational health “at the factory years ago there was a section called the” mountain “to which you sent to cut with an ax to remove the batteries the lead, then turned to melt. Now, “unity is what more we can help anyone be forced,” said committee chairman Tudor in La Cartuja, Gonzalo Flores, who is 14 years and stands as the best solution out of thirty companions from 57 to 60 years.