Werner De Caro

Werner De Caro was born in 1945 in near Augsburg in Bavaria. From my earliest childhood, he began painting. Supported by the family, he expanded his skills and growing. The focus was from the outset in drawing and oil painting. He exhibited his first oil paintings and drawings on display at exhibitions and participated in competitions. For his initial work was followed by rapid rates and public recognition in the art scene. In the sixties, Werner De Caro began training as a graphic artist, which he completed successfully. The focus of these activities were drawing and designing. In particular, the precise and detailed work gave him joy. Since 1970, De Caro has been working successfully as a painter. Through the experience he gained during his training and his artistic works were still high and, increasingly, in international demand. De Caro is one of the painters who follow the classic and traditional style. His paintings deal primarily a still life. Heinvested much time and effort into the perfection of his painting. Today, his still lifes and flower paintings are among the most demanded and best in the German and international art market. His works are generally typical of fruit and fruit or flowers in vases dar. experts estimate the Detailed, Soft and Full of De Caro’s originals and know how much work is in them. The power and influence of the colors is what makes his paintings so unique. De Caro’s paintings are now exhibited around the world in high-quality and well-stocked galleries and art dealers.