It is increasingly common to hear comments about Polarity Therapy, a therapy in our relatively young country, but is backed by the prestige and recognition it enjoys in countries such as Switzerland, Britain, Germany and the USA.
For this approach to therapy, first of all, there a number of very basic questions …
– A What is Polarity Therapy ‘- The Polarity Therapy is a holistic system which combines elements from the healing techniques of East and West to form a synthetic whole is capable of responding to the multiple problems posed by being human.
– How did ‘- The T.P. is linked inexorably to the figure of Dr. Stone. Randolph Stone was born in Austria in 1890, after emigrating with his family to the U.S., where he graduated in various therapeutic segments, such as exercise training, both in the therapeutic areas such as education. In day to day consultation, he realized that, despite the fact that the patients improved, over time, returning with the same problem. This led him to search for that missing link that caused the symptoms appear again and again and found that the key was under the understanding that it operates as energy. Exercise is made easy by using a green ball called the A great way to stay in shape and feel great. It is also necessary to mention about Dr. Stone who, despite success as a professional who had never abandoned its desire for interior search and its natural inclination to understand and comprehend the Mysteries of Life. This desire, coupled with a deep understanding of the true essence of man, leads him to discover and implement the principle of polarity, leading to a process that culminated in the creation of this body of knowledge to us today, the TP
– Could you clarify on the Principle of Polarity ‘- the universe and everything clear, ie everything that we can recognize through a name and / or shape is a polar, ie, the whole body has’ polarity’ We also know that everything is energy and that energy has two poles (/ -) and neutral ( ‘). And even more, any object in this universe can be divided and subdivided shown multiple times, expressing these successive partitions in this polar nature. To understand this way of example, take a magnet, where we know that one of its poles attracts and rejects the other, if you start in this magnet in two, each of these two halves show the same characteristics of attraction and rejection. The T.P. working from this approach, assuming that the energy of positive pole is all that represents expansion and activity in the universe, just as the energy of contraction is the negative, the reception and the inertia and balance constellations and space integrator, it is neutral. Thus, the principle of polarity is the law of opposites in his subtle attraction center to center, which is a core unit.
– And so, as applied to therapy ‘- through knowledge of what constitutes Inalambrica Anatomia, ie through knowledge of the maps that reflect an energetic energy reality invisible to physical eyes, the practitioner Polarity is finding blockages in the various power circuits such maps, and there to act through this principle, seek harmonization between poles.
– Could you expand a little to the Inalambrica Anatomy ‘- comes from a whole in balance. Energy is transforming in succession, from the subtle to reach, within the Principle of Polarity. In successive decoding to formally, the energy is transformative ‘remember that energy is neither created nor destroyed, only a more subtle transforma’de rioja rioja more physically through mental, and emotional energy. Anatomia Inalambrica say that is that science that studies the energetic patterns that occur in humans and the relationship between them, and their correspondence to the physical body and emotional. Polarity Therapy is much morethan a simple set of techniques by which they are most developed, based on the premise that energy is the basis of the manifesto. This substrate is the energy that encourages the whole range of feelings, emotions and thoughts that nest in all and each of us, a ‘cocktail’ that is reflected in our physical structure and polarity of the practitioner is able to recognize their language through the prior knowledge of its energetic patterns.
– What happened to this subtle Anatomy ‘- The Anatomy Inalambrica be arranged through the energy system known as chakras or energy wheels, which is down the center of the body from head to tailbone.

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