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“Where there is no risk there can be no pride in the achievement to be performed and, therefore, no happiness,” this remark in the mouth of Ray Kroc, former president of McDonald’s fast food chain with more stores across the world, defined the business work of this man who died in 1984 at age 81. The success story of the current “empire” Macdonald’s began in 1948 in southern California (USA), when the brothers Mac and Dick McDonald opened their first restaurant. No one could imagine at the time that there was going to take shape the future of one of the largest companies in quick-service restaurants in the world. But we can say that the company born of entrepreneurial genius of Ray Kroc, a Chicago businessman who at age 52 mortgaged all their assets and personal savings to become the official distributor of one brand of milk machine called Multimixer . Ray Kroc traveled to California to try to sell some of their machines. Upon arrival at the establishment of the McDonald brothers was amazed with the success of the revolutionary hamburger (sold at 15 cents) and the rate and quality of service. Shortly after analyzing the growth prospects of this fledgling business represented in California, Ray Kroc signed a contract with the McDonald brothers to open the first restaurant in the city of Des Plaines, Illinois, which, despite showing the same food philosophy quick and good service, introduced important changes in the design of the latter.Thus, according to the agreement, Kroc had to charge 1.9 of net revenue for each grant and a quarter of their income would the McDonald brothers. In April 1955, Ray Kroc opened the first large chain restaurant in the world today is McDonald’s, six years later, to acquire all rights to the system by selling the McDonald brothers for 3 million (2.3 million euros). In 1967, McDonald’s decided to globalize their operations, opening its first restaurant in Canada. Thus began a steady international growth, becoming the only U.S. company to a multi-local, with a presence in most countries. Encouraged by the success of selling their burgers at the service drive-in ‘(now McAuto), spread to the main roads of central North America.After five years, the restaurants had a sales level of close to fifty million dollars (35 million euros). Despite booming business, Kroc was dissatisfied, because the operations aimed to steadily increase their local sales. Therefore, in order to increase the number of people who could be fired at the same time, added to the external service of parking, tables and bar service.