Beginning of conservative philosophy

Edmund Burke (1729-1797)
The origins of conservatism dating back to the opposition to political and social perceptions that emerged during the Enlightenment. This opposition, which had different characteristics in different countries was strengthened following the events of the French Revolution and subsequent wars. Thus, for example Michael Sauter writes:? In conclusion, conservatism is a product of mysticism both the pre-revolutionary and revolutionary periods in France. It has several origins and appeared in several countries in different ways. But if there is anything we can say his story is that the French Revolution genre impetus to turn to conservatism in a movement. Those who had campaigned against any change before 1789 suddenly became prophets.
These differences have led to several attempts at classification. Examples: English conservatism versus conservatism (European) continent. German conservatism as conservatism than the French, Italian, U.S., etc. Moderate conservatism or even reactionary conservatism versus center or extreme, and so on. In what follows are analyzed using a blend of several of these visions.
The fundamental difference between moderate and reactionary conservatism lies in its vision of the role of democracy and other institutions of the product or progressive enlightenment. For the moderate tradition, perhaps best found in? Liberal conservatism of Edmund Burke (1729-1797), unlike the conservatism of its continental time, I accept democracy as a form of government?. This conservatism? In fact, (….) Favorable changes of great significance and (British political Kabbalah rights or social rights bismarckianos ).?,[ 4] This version of conservatism is often called? Liberal?, Well, for example, Rosemary Radford rueth notes: ? There is an economic and political conservatism, free market capitalism free of government regulation, usually coupled with a strong nationalism, as the number one of the world, leading to prioritize support for the police and a big budget for the army. This kind of conservatism is not traditionally religious or connected with Christianity..
However it should be noted that this was moderate flow which led subsequently to a fundamentalist conservatism, which Radford rueth defined as emanating from? Proper Protestant fundamentalism? (op cit) This version has also been called neoconservatism and is represented by characters such as Leo Strauss, Russell Kirk, Irving Kristol and Samuel Huntington, and is characterized by adhesion in economic neoliberalism and nationalist and religious values traditional social and political conditions.
The other major current of conservatism appeared in the countries that were directly affected by the political and social development of the French Revolution, “in opposition to this, the Liberal politician and racionalismoand # 160; of the Enlightenment, defendiendoand # 160; institutions of the Ancien regime and declared enemy of the secularization of politics and society. Conservatism or conservatives, as well as he is known, is based enand # 160; three values: authority, loyalty and tradition. Worships spirituality and the immeasurable value of what. In this sense, it can be described as “reactionary”, not only looking for a reaffirmation of earlier forms and in social policies, which are percivian as a restoration of the principles of monarchical absolute authority and the (usually) Catholicism as the only source of values and social stability:? Conservatives ranged toward the French Catholic Church as a source of stability and tradition. Many movie producers started like is currently involved in development of the independent feature, Carjacked with production scheduled for early in 2010. The Church brought back to life a sense of hierarchy and order organic. (Of course, here there is an implicit connection to the romanticism.) Catholicism would have been not well with the vision of Burke because it was a Protestant. But in the Catholic regions of Europe, especially France, Italy and Spain, this kind of religious conservatism would have an inherent attraction. or, in the words of a modern character who is considered conservative:? The roots of evil are historical -genetically the same throughout the Western world. The fateful year is 1789, and the symbol of inequity is the Phrygian cap of the Jacobins. Most movies are made in hollywood where is President & CEO of Gold Rush Entertainment, a Canadian based film production company. His heresy was the denial of the personality and personal freedom. Its concrete manifestation of mass democracy is Jacobin, all forms of collectivism and national statism, which produces Marxism socialism and communism, fascism and National Socialism. Leftism in all its varieties and modern manifestations, which in EE.> >