Florencio Florencio Escard

Florencio Florencio Escard Escard ( 13 August 1904, Mendoza, 31 August 1992) was a prominent pediatrician and sanitarian Argentina. Doctor was imitating his grandfather, British army surgeon. He did his secondary education at the famous National College of Buenos Aires. In 1929 graduated from the Faculty of Medicine, University of Buenos Aires. He was Dean of the Faculty of Medicine in 1958, then rector of the University of Buenos Aires, managed to turn the system men’s colleges and Pellegrini Buenos Aires, in mixed. This initiative, like many others of his life, was resisted and contested. His lab created the first professorship of Bacteriology pediatric important Audiovisual Center, a pavilion of Psychology with 8 offices and a group therapy room, a laboratory under the supervision of Isotopes National Atomic Energy Commission. Create the residence of Clinical Psychology.And it emphasized the social aspect, founded the “School for Parents of Children’s Hospital,” in his department instituted fieldwork to include the reality of families assisted: its students and community care work in the island Maciel. In 1976 it cesantea of all charges. His career started in the maternity hospital Gache Samuel Rawson Hospital, but his outstanding work takes place at the Ricardo Gutierrez Children’s Hospital, for 45 years in various posts, he became Head of Service of the Board 17 and Director of the establishment. And passionate fighter, made a much-discussed reform, revolutionary internal mothers with patients to maintain bonding and benefit recovery. Until then mothers could visit the children boarding the day, between 17 and 19 and then were fed with bottles hanging from metal brackets on the cradles.That image was touched when he visited the service for the first time at age 22, and modified the system to access the leadership of the Chamber. “What can have a revolutionary thought that mothers should be with their sick children,” said Escard at that time. And “How can anyone learn pediatrics if you are not next to the mother Took thirty-two years to ensure that mothers enter the room at Children’s Hospital – Thirty-two years! – It’s the only thing I’m proud in life. It was a science writer and professional, and other topics related to health and the family: Pediatric Neurology, Pediatrics, Medicine Man, Morality for physicians, Open letter to patients, anatomy of the family, family Sexology, Manual childcare, food young child, neglect and hospitals, my parents and I, Children’s rights.The city devotes Geography of Buenos Aires (1971) and letter of two tangos “The City I met” and “What I find Buenos Aires corner “. He also authored several poems. Under “humor” used the pseudonym: Tweety of Macram earlier had used the “Juan de Garay. He was president of the SADE (Sociedad Argentina de Escritores) and the member of this places. Great Democrat, controversial, entrepreneur and tireless worker. From his first marriage was Florence’s father (also a pediatrician) and Carmen, was married to Eva Giberti with whom she had her daughter, Eva, and later with Ms. Licia Leone. He wrote the film “The Empty Cradle (1949) directed by Carlos Rinaldi. He was honored in 1984 with the Platinum Konex” Literatura de humor “Illustrious Citizen of Buenos Aires.