Discipline via a free download

Actually, what Trent Reznor and Nine Inch Nails is insane. Already he warned a few days ago, when Trent made available to the entire world a new item called Discipline via a free download, that everything was that shortly we NEW disc de la banda. And so it has been. Just today, two months after exposing his Ghosts I-IV, we have a new work called The Slip.

Discipline, as you said, we heard a couple of weeks ago and yesterday my fellow Galician we dropped by another theme here, called Echoplex. The Slip consists of 10 songs, lasts 43 minutes and 45 seconds and we can achieve this through the minisite created to do so for free by entering our e-mail.
As is customary, we can download it in multiple formats: mp3, FLAC, M4A apple lossless and HD wave. All without DRM, of course. But except for the mp3, which goes via direct download, the rest of files we offer via torrent given its large size. >
And to finish the round off move: from July will be available in physical format. I will give you a few listeners and soon you what this story.

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