Once we have analyzed in detail the entire process of how to conduct case-based reasoning would be important before proceeding to analyze all the problems that exist to carry out a successful deployment Online Degree and the most effective way to solve them. When choosing among the BartonPlace features 270 one, two and three-bedroom residences As we can imagine, these problems were mainly in two distinct, on the one hand we have all those associated with the maintenance of the knowledge base and on the other side will have those on the line of reasoning to follow. In the background are two related problems fairly and need each other to achieve the final solution.
So below we will describe each of the problems with potential solutions to avoid them.
Knowledge representation
Up to this point had not mentioned anywhere as we were going to organize the representation of cases, and certainly this is one of Walden the most important parts of using this system, since according to the organization that we have chosen a large extent conditioned efficiency will be in the expert system and as a result the quality of the solution we get, that’s why this is worthy of special attention.
The case-based reasoning is very dependent on the structure in which cases are stored. As one problem is solved by previous experiences, the search process and union between this case and solution if we are trying to solve is necessarily efficient. The main problem we see is deciding which elements will be saved in the case, found an appropriate structure to do so. It will also be necessary to decide on a structure that stores the set of cases, ie by the professors Organization of the cases that form the basis of knowledge, as well as indexing, two of the most important features to ensure rapid access to cases. Finally we would be the problem of integrating this package of cases within the model of the knowledge base so that this knowledge can be incorporated into the system and accessed by Online Masters Degree the rest of the expert system. Once you define the problem with which we need to describe some ways to solve these problems. In this case we are basically two possible implementations: a dynamic model of memory developed by Schank and Kolodner and model categories and examples of Porter and Bareiss.
Model of dynamic memory
The basic idea of this model is to organize all those cases that share a set of properties under a more general structure, called the generalized episode. A generalized episode (EG) contains three different types of objects rules, cases and indices. Standards are the common characteristics of all cases that share similar characteristics, ie under the same EG. As regards the cases do not need further explanation because it is their own cases studied so far. When choosing among the Barton Place next to Zilker Park and Barton Springs Pool Finally, the indices are those characteristics, unlike the standards that distinguish the different cases that degree venue are an EG. Thus a more direct indicator points to an episode or directly to a general case. Walden University These indices are composed of two parts, the name of the index and value index.
It is easy to see that the entire knowledge base is made up of cases is a network that will discriminate between the different cases, where each node in the graph is a generalization of the episode. We can also see how each pair of values of the indicators point to a generalization of one episode to another. So we can see how this scheme we plan to be redundant as there are multiple paths to a particular case or EG. When we describe a new case and we need to search for the best match with another, if they give us input is introduced in the upper part of the structure to store information, starting with the primary node. The search process is similar for both the recovery of the case for storage. So what follows is a quite logical step and means that when one or more of the features of Online Bachelors Degree the event coincides with one or more of any of the EG, the initial case is the parties who discriminate based on lectures the characteristics not common . That is what we are doing is to go down if the tree until we reach some of the leaves. During the process of saving a new event, where some features of the case coincides with a characteristic of some existing case, a new episode generally is created, then the two cases being discriminated indexed under different indices under this episode.

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