Season 1

01 Pilot The roommate Alison escapes in the middle of the night and leaves her with the rent. Goofy Billy Campbell asked about the vacancy, but she gives him the slip. When faced with eviction, she finally accepts the offer. Alison accidentally dents the car door of the vice president of the agency where she works, D D. Jake wants to start a relationship with Kelly Taylor, a teenager with whom he had helped in the reform. Everyone is constantly facing different obstacles and circumstances arising from their age difference. Rhonda is persuaded by one of her aerobics students, but understands that his interest lead to anything but romantic. 02 Friends and Lovers Billy meets a girl in his cab. Alison is found to their surprise and Michael and Jane suspect of his jealousy. Jake is arrested after a fight at the unemployment office, and can not but feel grateful when Kelly helps out the situation. Jane and Michael remember their first date. Lost and found 03 Jake Kelly feared harm if they continue their relationship.He establishes a false quote from his friend and Kelly so you can throw it in his face and break their relationship. Jane loses her wedding ring on the bachelorette Rhonda. Billy wrote a screenplay based on his experiences with the talkative girl, but Alison is not impressed. 04 For love and money Alison is enraged when someone steals an idea. Jake after failing in his new job at a coffee shop, helps his ex-girlfriend Peri in the fraudulent sale of a painting. He retires after treatment with drugs Peri surprise, ends up working as a mechanic. Matt, Rhonda asked that happens, after it fulfills its promise to help you organize a dinner. Leap of faith 05 Jane learns she is pregnant, but do not tell Michael because he did not seem excited at the prospect of having children. She tries to abort a secret, but eventually changed his mind. Michael is furious to learn, until the joy of having a child go to reconcile them.Billy gives it a newspaper column in the neighborhood, but believes that having such a boring life as you, will not be able to carry out the project and convinces Jake to go bungee jumping with him. 06 seconds opportunities Jake asks Alison to help prepare their exams and asks to keep it secret. He begins to have rumors in the building when Alison discovers someone sneaking out of Jake’s apartment after a night of study. Jake and Alison are kiss but decide to remain just friends, but this will not prevent the jealousy of Billy and Sandy. Rhonda meets an old friend from his days as a dancer, who speaks of a vacancy in the company he works for. 07 My way Billy invites Alison to accompany him to his parents’ house and posing as his girlfriend. Billy tries to convince his parents that he is a successful writer, but eventually bundled him to carry the furniture store from his father.Sandy is involved in a horror movie but was quickly down the fumes when the director tries to introduce a nude in one scene. Lonely Hearts 08 Sandy is plagued by a blind date which left standing. Jake is behind bars after beat up a guy. Alison wants to change car, but is more of a problem to carry it out. 09 The responsibility is yours Billy befriends an actor who has a young son and financial difficulties, Alison without knowing how, she finds herself in the middle. Billy loses the confidence of the child when she tries to confront his father. Jake and Sandy try to rebuild their relationship, but Sandy is furious when their first dates are far from well. 10 Burned Jake receives an unexpected visit from his mother during the celebration of his surprise birthday party. The instability and alcoholism of his mother create even more tension, if possible, in their already tense relationship. Sandy says he has to be more sympathetic but Jake just throwing his mother.Billy is the victim of a robbery after leaving a passenger in South Central and begins to show signs of certain racial prejudice. 11 A broken promise for a routine reconnaissance report that Jane has lost her baby. Michael has difficulty expressing his feelings about loss and guilt to Jane, but later apologized for not being more aware of her pregnancy. Meanwhile Alison enfuerece to surprise Billy being silly with one of her bras while doing the laundry. 12 Cases contaminated After a chance meeting in the street, Alison is involved emotionally with an environmentalist. He learns that he is married but he promises to leave his wife. Billy is in debt to a loan he requested to pay for college but never use.