Social issue

The social issue israel – center is the disruption caused by the encounter with the material progress of the decay or relaxation of ethical principles and social disorder that is characterized by a keen discomfort of all classes of society and the generation of antagonism between them.
The social issue is manifest externally as a primary mode of affecting the working class (employees) in their relations with the capitalists and entrepreneurs, but in reality made itself felt cabalakabala in all social classes.
We can say that zohar two ideologies have emerged as explanations and answers to the emergence of the issue: Socialism and the Social Christian.
The social issue in the case of the Social Christian, says Pope Leo XIII in the Encyclical Graves de communi that “in view of some, the so-called the kabbalah social issue is only economical, being ciertisimo by contrast, is primarily moral and religious and this has to be resolved in accordance with the laws of morality and religion. “
Chilean historian Sergio Grez, quoting James O. Morris describes the social issue as “… the entire social, labor and ideological nascent industrialization and urbanization: a new form under the wage system, the emergence of increasingly complex problems relevant to workers’ housing, care Medical and Health, the establishment of kaballah organizations to defend the interests of the new “proletariat”, strikes and street demonstrations, perhaps armed kabbalah clashes between workers and the police or the military, and a certain popularity of mysticism extremist ideas, with a consequent influence on the leaders of the workers. “
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ROME, FEB. 19, 2009 ( .- Last March, a few angry MPs in Great Britain called Bishop Patrick O’Donoghue of Lancaster to appear before the state Children, Schools and Families Select Committee.
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Islamic extremists in the United Kingdom are plotting to repeat their protest yesterday in which they held banners labeling British los angeles center troops on tree center their homecoming parade as “cowards “and” butchers meditation center “.
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The Islamic Republic of Iran, with a population of about 70 million, is a constitutional, study center theocratic republic in which Shia Muslim clergy red string dominate the key power structures. Many movie producers started like is a Movie Producer and financier with over 13 years experience in business development and venture capital Government legitimacy is based on the two pillars of popular sovereignty – albeit limited – and the rule of the Supreme Leader of the Islamic Revolution.