Social Media

Social Media are a great tool for feedback, they can listen to your customers and prospects, analyze their tastes and preference and acceptance of your brand or product. The purpose of your presence in Social networks must be to bring qualified traffic to your website, you must create a community of followers, build confidence and credibility and direct traffic to your web site through valuable content for your niche. Twitter and Facebook are for people not for companies although these social networks have emerged thanks to the interactivity only between people, with the passing of the years companies have found in these networks a great opportunity of communication with users and customers. Social networks both Facebook and Twitter if used properly, having a structured plan of strategies for social media can be a tool of great help to enterprises and businesses as they are a valuable source of information, users are willing to talk, share and listen to, therefore it is vital that companies show transparent and that its contents are of great value but showing his side not only business but also human, its social aspect: share, collaborate and participate. Social networks are a potential threat to receive messages negative thinking that people are going to stop talking only about your company or business by not being present on social networks is illogical, users of Social Media will talk you are or are not present. Important thing is not to refuse to be present for fear of criticism, it is better to be present in spaces which speaks of your company or your brand, the generator of these spaces and have control of the talks in order to defend themselves and deal with potential problems.

It is always advisable to talk in a friendly tone, give clear and timely answers and avoid facing in discussions exits tone. A good Community Manager should deal with the situation and resolve it in the best way. It is recommended to create an action plan to deal with these situations. Social networks are somewhat useless, I tried for a while and it didn’t build a community, build trust and credibility required time, we can do the overnight and much less expect miraculous results in one day. Earn the trust of the followers, convert them into prospects and then into clients requires effort and participation.

You must give time to users to find you and know you are interested in your products or services. In the meantime your goals must be drawn in build trust through high-value content for your audience, over time you’ll see your community grows, you will have followers who become fans of your brand or your products, and best of all people are really interested (qualified traffic) that you can direct to your web site. My customers do not use social networks with more than 700 million people participating in social networks, there is a great market opportunities for any sector, it is important to identify your niche, focusing on the network (s) social (is) where they interact and participate actively. People are chatting on social networks regardless of the sector or industry, and will be there so you are your or not. So that opportunities are given, identifies your niche, listening they want or wish and He began to participate, collaborate and share. Original author and source of the article