Tips To Improve Your Web Site Performance

Does your web site performance affect the results of bu? remainder of google. Recently Google announced that within the variables to determine the results it will take into account the performance of the web page, this is as fast or slow loading a web page. So google will preferentially choose the page that offers a better experience to the user at the time of position in search results. In a query where two or more pages exactly match your search terms, Google positioned best a page that loads faster than a slow charging. For this purpose there are several tools to determine the performance of a web page, and also provides us some recommendations for running on our site in order to improve the performance of the website, as well as the experience to the user, even though there are tools that give us recommendations to correct these problems, one of the criteria to take into account when creating a website is the balance the content of the web page with respect to the weight of the same, that serves have a beautiful, colorful, full of images and videos site, but it takes too long to load, you will lose your visits until they can access your site. Recommendations that you can follow are: browsers have a limit of downloading files at the same time by domain, distributes your images and multimedia content in various sub-domains, always taking into account that the layout of the page becomes not cumbersome.

Use images in compressed formats, such as jpg. Also uses sizes suitable to the area it occupies, so if the screen size is 100 75, you don’t put an image with a size of 800 600, reduce its size to the most suitable. If your site has content that does not change for many days, such as photographs, flash, etc. configure your web site to have save them these files for more time in the cache of the browser. Some tools available to assess the performance of your site are: Page Speed. This application is an aggregate of Firefox Firebug Boomerang function. Yahoo recently launched an application that tracks the performance of the website according to each user’s experience, since every user has its own bandwidth, different browser, etc.

Google web master tools. Inside the tools you find recommendations according to how your site looks the googlebot. Original Source: Tips to improve your web site performance and influence the results of searches on google if you want to learn more about this and other interesting topics of web marketing visitenos in our web Web marketing blog hosting El Salvador SIDESHOST provides advice on optimization of web sites as an added service and free of charge, to contract any of our web hosting plans. We want to help you take advantage of new technologies in web marketing, contact us it will be a pleasure to help you.