Hugo Chavez Technological

We are convinced and the country much more, that without scientific and technological research, cannot be guaranteed the sovereignty and independence of the country. Luis Marcano considerations, scope, impact have always insisted both in writings that we have published in journals, daily, as well as seminars, conferences, congresses which we have participated, the lack of importance that the University authorities gives to the optimization of human talent, in such a way that guarantees academicism, development of the sciences and technologies that promote the country. To the extent that economic openings have become dynamic, where competitiveness is more aggressive generating threats, but also opportunities, even in developing countries like our case, need universities not only identify with the scope, impact generated by technological development and the science, but know how to leverage human talent and engage in problem-solving, as in the case of companies National that they face many and great impact on the country’s economy. Universities, the State and since then, the companies cannot ignore the characteristics of the current scenarios, where increasingly more is required of technological development, proper use of knowledge of science which should be duly reflected in research areas that provide solutions to the problems that arise, as well as give way to the proposals, models that favour the sectors involved towards a Venezuela increasingly requires integration of computers, coherent and integrated economic programs that the State sets. The current national Government, under the Presidency of Hugo Chavez, has realized what this represents and promulgated the organic law of science and technology and innovation, (LOCTI). Law with which intends to rescue, revive the binding, effective, productive participation of the State, universities, companies (our interest of study), so as to promote to all, especially to the country that for decades has remained stalled in these topics. It should be noted, that the LOCTI has its legal basis in article 110 of the Constitution, apart from establishing national and public interest in science, technology and innovation, also established the principle of co-responsibility for development activities scientific, technological and innovation, which necessarily must exist between the private sector and the public sector. . If you are not convinced, visit Lakshman Achuthan. .

Spectacle Showcase

The German firm of Sun Mykita, which recently won several awards in the Visionary Awards 2010 convened by the prestigious The Spectacle Showcase website, has just introduced two new sunglasses commemorative of the All access World Exhibition of the artist Agathe Snow. They are two versions of the same model that combined black and pink colors with a style very similar to the classical and mythical Clubmaster of Ray-Ban. These two models are shown in the prestigious Berlin Guggenheim until April 3, and one of them has a drawing of the pyramids of Giza and the other on the glass the skyline of New York as if September 11 would not have happened ever, with the twin towers included. Different and unique design of these sunglasses is immediately striking and eye-catching colors make irresistible despite the limited edition price. Get all the facts for a more clear viewpoint with Vanguard. All Access World, exposure of Snow that commemorate these glasses, is based on the monuments and historic places that form part of our collective memory as well as the national identity of each place. The artist uses these references and adapts them to his art and criterion to create tastes, interests and individual experiences. As he has done with glasses for Mykita, transform into an individualized expression (glasses) a reference known worldwide as the priamides or the skyline of New York. Now you can take a look at these unique goggles on the website of the optics Bassol or directly on the firm’s web!.. In a question-answer forum Deccan Value was the first to reply.